Virtuos is the number one choice for talent in the digital entertainment industry in China, providing our employees an opportunity to work on the biggest games and movies in the world.

Virtuos is the #1 choice

For building an incredible career in game and movie production

Talent development is at the core of our business. Virtuos invested in establishing itself as the #1 choice for talents in the digital entertainment industry in China by building a great strong record of projects to attract an excellent team to attract more incredible projects.  

10 Reasons to Join Virtuos:

1. Be a part of the biggest games and movies in the world

The biggest AAA console games.  The world’s hottest Facebook games. Blockbuster Hollywood movies. Virtuos confidentiality agreements mean that we can only talk about a few of the incredible projects that we work on. But if you name a few of your favorite game and movie franchises, and there’s a good chance Virtuos is already busy at work on the next title in the series. Work with Virtuos and you can influence these major projects, and see your work on the big screen.

“Every time we go see one of the movies that we worked on, it is incredibly gratifying to see our work up on the big screen.” - Qin – Film Artist


2. Add multiple game titles to your portfolio every year

Most game developers work on the same game every day for several years.  At Virtuos, team members are able to participate in far more games, typically contributing to several major projects each year.  The exposure to so many projects allows our team members to build their skills rapidly and grow as professionals.

“For me, an artist, being able to work on a lot of different games is a great thing. Every game has a different art style to explore and different challenges to master. I love it.” – Zhao, 3D Artist


3. Join an elite international team

By working at Virtuos, you will be constantly immerged in an international environment. You will work with colleagues from 15 countries who bring experience from dozens of world-leading development companies, not to mention hundreds of major projects while at Virtuos. Virtuos has an official working language of English and offers Chinese and English language lessons in-house.

“I work with people from France, the US, Denmark and Taiwan – and everybody brings interesting experience and a unique perspective.”– Qiao, Game Designer

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4. Develop your expertise on the latest platforms and technology

Being skilled on multiple platforms is a major success factor for companies and individuals in the industry today. And with a motto of delivering more content on more platforms, being multiplatform is part of Virtuos’ DNA.  Join Virtuos and you will have the opportunity to develop your skills on the latest consoles, smartphones and online platforms, and will be challenged to push the boundaries of today’s cutting-edge game engines and editors.

“We have many types of projects that allow me to use different engines, learn and use various design techniques, and gain a lot of experience from working in the team.”  – Qiao, Game Designer


5. Team up with world-leading developers

Virtuos clients – 15 of the top 20 digital entertainment companies in the world – become your clients and teammates on big game projects. You will work with top developers located in countries such as the USA, the UK, Korea, Japan, Canada, France, China and Sweden. You will be offered opportunities to improve your English and, as you gain more experience, to travel abroad to visit the client’s studios. Check out some of our team’s business trips: to San Francisco, and Amsterdam.

“Generally, my favorite projects are when we are directly integrated to client pipelines. We become part of their team, share their game engines, and are suddenly part of a new giant AAA team for a few months.”  Arnaud – Level Artist


6. Join a fast-growing and stable company

Virtuos has added 100 or more team members every year since it was established in 2004, and expanded to seven locations worldwide. Backed by its partner Legend (Lenovo computers), the Number one IT group in China, Virtuos plans to continue expanding to meet the growing demand of our clients in the digital entertainment production market.


7. Improve your skills with training and development

Virtuos provides intensive inception and ongoing training for all team members.  We views talent development as the core of our business, and we have established a comprehensive certificate training path to help our team build skills in specific tracks such as programming, art or game design, as well as general management skills such as project management.

“I was one of the first graduates of Virtuos in-house training program in 2006… I did not realize that it would be the start of such a big career.” Qin – Film Artist


8. Competitive salary and social benefits

Virtuos employees enjoy competitive salaries, health insurance coverage and a benefits package including pension and housing allowances.  In addition, employees enjoy generous annual vacation leave, as well as leave for marriage, maternity, childbirth, and other life events.


9. Live in one of our four great studio locations

Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian and Saigon: Four of Asia’s most incredible cities, each with their own distinct flavor and adventures. Virtuos centers are located downtown in each of these cities, enabling easy commuting and providing great local restaurants.  They also provide a great jumping off point for exploring the rest of Asia.

“Shanghai is a great city, good people, delicious food and lots of fun… a lot of interesting places to explore and enjoy. This is becoming my favorite place to live.” – Akram – Technical Artist

Shanghai 150x150 Careers game art outsourcing BEST 6 150x150 Careers game art outsourcing Chengdu 150x150 Careers game art outsourcing

Photos by Virtuos team members


10. Awesome staff activities, company trips and clubs

Join one of our several football teams, our lunch time ping pong tournaments, our in-house Nerf gun club, or pack a bag and join us on a big weekend outing. Virtuos has a ton of fun community activities to participate in.  Of course, you are welcome to start your own club or activity. Keep up with our latest adventures on our Weibo page or our Facebook page.

Virtuos Activities 150x150 Careers game art outsourcing Movie Night 150x150 Careers game art outsourcing Outing 150x150 Careers game art outsourcing 


Become a top-tier digital talent

No other company will expose you to as many world-famous projects, no other company will challenge you to stretch your skills as far, and no other company will bring you the kind of life adventure that you will find at Virtuos. That’s why we say that you can have an Unlimited digital career here. Are you up for the challenge?

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