3D Art Team Leader Chengdu Art
3D Environment Trainee Shanghai Art
3D Environment Artist Shanghai Art
3D Character Artist Shanghai Art
Art Director Chengdu Art
Concept Artist Chengdu Art
Senior 3D Artist Chengdu Art
Assistant Art Producer Xian Production
Software Engineer (C++) Shanghai Engineering
Creative Director Shanghai Game design
R&D Director Shanghai | Ho Chi Minh city | Paris Production
3D Character Trainee Shanghai Art
Unity 3D Programmer Chengdu Engineering
Internal Application System Engineer Shanghai Administration
3D Character Artist Chengdu Art
3D Scene Artist Chengdu Art
3D Scene Artist Xian Art
3D Environment Trainee Chengdu Art
3D Environment Trainee Xian Art
Senior 3D Artist Ho Chi Minh city Art
Senior Software Engineer (C++) Chengdu Engineering
3D Character Trainee Chengdu Art
Software Engineer (C++) Chengdu Engineering
Executive Producer Chengdu Production
Creative Director Chengdu Game design
Senior Technical Artist Shanghai Engineering
3D Art Team Leader Xian Art
Senior Game Producer Chengdu Production
Assistant Game Producer Shanghai Production
Senior Art Director Shanghai Art
DATA ANALYST Paris Engineering
Engine Programmer Paris Engineering
Game Programmer Paris Engineering
level designer Paris Game design
Project Assistant (nightshift) Shanghai Production
Senior Animator Ho Chi Minh city Animation
Rigging Team Leader Ho Chi Minh city Art
FX Artist Ho Chi Minh city Art
Layout Artist Ho Chi Minh city Animation
Art Director Ho Chi Minh city Art
senior producer Ho Chi Minh city Production
Art Director Xian Art
Studio Production Director Xian Art
Level Artist Paris Art
Group Production Director Shanghai Production
ERP Development Manager Shanghai Administration
lighting artist Shanghai Art
Game Producer Shanghai Production
Build Engineer Shanghai Engineering


Virtuos is the number one choice for talent in the digital entertainment industry in China, provinding our employees an opportunity to work on the biggest games and movies in the world.