Senior Level Artist

  • Cooperate with Level Designers to envision and create game levels;
  • Create and integrate architectures, props, materials, lights and atmosphere and other elements in the level following Art Direction.
  • Able to respect the deadlines and work under pressure.
  • In-depth knowledge on game and level design;
  • Strong artistic aptitudes and art skills;
  • Good observation and imagination; have ability to setup storylines
  • Broad knowledge on different artistic styles, but can focus on one specific style defined by the Art direction
  • Able to follow technical documents and good understanding of the constraints.
  • An expert on skills needed to optimize levels (for example: Understand the limitations of game memory/poly counts/textures);
  • Good knowledge on process and pipelines.
  • Able to share experience and ideas;
  • Quickly master tools and techniques needed for next gen production;
  • Interest in game industry;


Please send us your CV via [email protected](Shanghai).


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