Server Lead Programmer

  • Design and develop game server, including server and logic structure, database structure, communication protocol
  • Design the structure of server side and write the core code
  • Lead the server side development team, make sure that the product can meet the project schedule and quality requirements
  • Coordinate with the client, design and project manager about the requirements and technique of game
  • Responsible for the design and implement of each functional module of the game server
  • Responsible for the personnel allocation and schedule and quality control of the server side of game
  • Responsible for training and developing of junior 
  • Have the enthusiasm for game development, willing to dedicate himself to the technical work
  • Have 4 years or more experience of game server development and experience of a complete online game project and participate in operational experience is preferred
  • Proficient in game server logic framework, system architecture, performance analysis, test, security technology, etc
  • Proficient in network communication programming or C#, c + +, Java, Python, or PHP
  • Familiar with the database design and SQL language, proficient in MySQL is a plus
  • Have Unity, NodeJS or Photon background development experience is a plus
  • Have a deep understanding of object-oriented design and development of ideas, familiar with design pattern and rich practical experience
  • Good communication skills, high sense of responsibility and professional spirit, can work under high pressure
  • Have a strong logical and rigorous thinking ability
  • Experienced in leading a team
  • Good at listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, fluent in oral English


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