Virtuos reaches 400, major games industry site interviews CEO

games industry Virtuos reaches 400, major games industry site interviews CEO game art outsourcingShanghai, Jan. 13th, 2009 – published an in-depth interview of Virtuos’ CEO Gilles Langourieux. In the interview titled “A Man of Virtuos“, Gilles Langourieux discloses that Virtuos has now topped the 400 staff mark across its Shanghai and Chengdu development centers. This anchors Virtuos’ position as one of the most established game production services companies in the world.

In 2008, Virtuos revenue has grown by 70% in order to meet an equally sustained business demand. According to Gilles Langourieux, such an increase shows that the games industry is able to rely heavily on outsourcing, at a time when its processes are more mature. He added “[what is important with outsourcing] is offering extra capacity that allows you to keep a lean team in your studio in the UK, or US, for example, that allows you to focus your best people on the higher end work while you focus your resources on taking care of all the extra work that would otherwise force you to double the size of your studio – and put you in trouble when you are out of production“.

“Why do we talk more about outsourcing today? It’s because the industry is more mature. The fact that a couple of years ago a couple of studios understood that you need to clearly separate pre-production from production, and when you enter production you know fairly well what you need to produce, what tools you’re going to use and how much time it’s going to take – that makes outsourcing viable on a big scale”..

Source:’s Virtuos: High dev costs unsustainable for “majority of titles”’s A Man of Virtuos


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