About Calypte – a Virtuos Studio

Founded in 2022, Calypte is Virtuos’ first co-development and full-service studio in North America covering all aspects of video game production including art, design, and engineering.
Hubbed in the San Francisco Bay Area, Calypte gathers a team with extensive industry experience on titles ranging from indie to AAA. We aim to bring distributed development expertise to our video game partners and provide accelerated career opportunities to talent in the region.

Our Studio Capabilities

At Calypte, there is an everyday hum of excitement as our passionate team works on developing the highest-quality games. Our range of services ensures that we cover the entire scope of our partners’ co-development needs, from early prototyping to production and post-launch content. Calypte is fully integrated and interoperating with other studios in the Virtuos global network — welcoming the brightest and most passionate talent to work with us, wherever they may be.