The company

Virtuos is on a mission to create great games and allow game makers to increase their revenue by giving them access to unlimited game production capacity.

We produce great content

With over 1,500 staff, Virtuos is one of the largest and most recognized game producers. Since 2004, Virtuos has contributed to thousands of games on all major platforms. Our track record is full of achievements. Virtuos has worked with 18 of the top 20 game companies worldwide by contributing to many of their largest AAA on their Art side, as well as  developing several titles each year in partnership with worldwide developers and producers.

International talent

From more than 15 countries

Virtuos is managed by a multicultural team of gaming professionals, which is probably one of the most experienced independent teams in China today. Prior to establishing Virtuos, the founding members worked together to establish Ubisoft as the first international game studio in China. They have since accumulated experience by working with some of the top names in the industry and have collaborated on a large spectrum of projects, attracting additional experienced managers from top game companies worldwide.

With AAA titles under their belt on virtually all platforms, Virtuos Directors speak the same language as their clients. They master the processes, the tools and they have the state of mind required to deliver quality, reliability and security..

Backing-up our team is a network of international gaming professionals in the US and Europe. They allow us to benchmark our practices and provide management expertise as well as technical training to our local teams. For large projects, they can provide onshore points of contacts to our clients.