What does Virtuos do?

Virtuos provides the highest quality games and art to publishers and developers worldwide.
We have two main divisions to better serve our clients:Games and Art, for a total of 1,500 staff across eight locations worldwide

Where is Virtuos located?

Virtuos’ largest studio is located in Shanghai, China. Virtuos also has studios in Chengdu and Xian China, Saigon, Vietnam, and has offices in North-America (Vancouver and San Francisco), Europe (Paris) and Japan (Tokyo) focused on facilitating communication with clients and maintaining Virtuos on the edge of game development.

What are the advantages of being based in China compared to other countries? And Shanghai in particular?

China has a unique talent pool and offers the best combination in terms of resources, cost and infrastructure. China is the best choice because not only of its large population, but more importantly, the quality of education and the love for games that many students have. Shanghai is the most dynamic city in China. It attracts many expatriates, overseas returnees and talents from all over the country. It is the number one city for game development in China, with large studios of companies including Ubisoft, Epic, Shanda and Konami.

When was Virtuos created?

Virtuos was founded in December 2004.

Who founded Virtuos?

Virtuos was founded by individuals who had already played a key role in taking the China gaming industry into a new era: Gilles Langourieux (CEO) and Pan Feng (Production Director) worked together since 1997 to establish the Ubisoft studios in Shanghai and Beijing, which became the largest game studios in China under Gilles’ leadership.

In which fields of digital production does Virtuos operate?

Virtuos provides production services to the games and movie industries. Our main areas of activity are art production and full game development.

Which games did you ship?

Virtuos has developed more than 30 games on and are currently in production on a number of unannounced titles. Learn more about our game development services.

Which game companies has Virtuos worked for?

We have worked or are working for 18 of the top 20 game publishers as well as many leading independent developers, and the world’s leading movie VFX studio. Our clients are located in all major markets including China, Japan, Korea, North-America and Europe.

What is your approach to IP ownership?

Virtuos is a service provider and adheres to international standards regarding IP ownership and transfer. Every material that is provided to us and everything that is provided by us in return is the client’s property. Our legal setup ensures that we have a continuous and traceable IP flow from individuals working on a project to clients. Virtuos does not subcontract work. All the work is done under contract by full-time employees of Virtuos who are trained on IP ownership, confidentiality and security issues regularly.

What are the values of Virtuos?

Excellence, Trust and Positivity.
Our name, Virtuos, evokes, virtuosity, excellence in art, virtuality, imaginary worlds and plurality. To be true to our name and true to ourselves, we stick to 3 core values: Excellence, Trust and Positivity.

What is your business model?

We operate under 3 main models :

(a) Project model. When the project is clearly defined in scope and time, we propose a Project model. Under this model, we work together prior to the project to formulate a detailed project plan and fixed budget based on your needs. We then assemble a team for a limited period of time with a Project Lead responsible for the quality and timing of deliveries.

(b) Retainer model. When our client requires an extension of its team with flexibility in the scope of tasks, a retainer model may be more suitable. Under this model, a team will be put together upon your request. Its tasks can be defined and modified on the go, just as you would with an internal team. You will have the guarantee that the resources will be retained for you over the long term.

(c) Co-production or co-publishing model. Virtuos is also able to put its money where its mouth is and is often willing to co-invest with partners in projects where it can significantly add value. These opportunities range from games initially created by a Virtuos team to projects where partners have special requirements and are looking for a partner who has skin in the game.

In which language do you communicate with clients?

We currently work in English, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean and Japanese.

Can you guarantee the software utilized in your studio is legitimate?

Since inception, Virtuos has established the highest standards for IP protection in China. All workstations run licensed copies of Windows, Microsoft and any other software required. We have partnered with Jadason since 2005, the exclusive distributor of Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush in China and Hong-Kong, as well as the distributor of Autodesk products. We are also an authorized Autodesk training center.

Do you have another question for us?

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