Process, tools & technologies

Virtuos combines the experience of dozens of game development experts who are trained in industry best practices.

The Virtuos project engagement methodology

Virtuos has written its own engagement methodology, to ensure that every project is carefully prepared and that the team has all the required resources at its disposal. One of our key focus is to identify all parties and describe their roles and responsibilities in advance.


Training and certificates

Virtuos heavily invest in training to improve our artists’ observation skills and ability to analyze reference materials.

Because realistic textures require awareness of the physical properties of materials and interaction with other objects in the environment we have a library of physical object reference that allows artists to observe textures in different lighting.

Our "Next Gen Artists" certificates include:rd-tools-training_0.png

  • Zbrush basic/advanced techniques
  • Zbrush for environment art
  • Zbrush for hard surface modeling
  • Advanced texturing (Substance, dDo, Mari)
  • Hi-res hard-surface modeling in Maya/Max
  • Introduction to Physical Based Shaders and Linear Workflow
  • Mudbox experience
  • Houdini (currently for TAs)
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Art architecture logic
  • High-performance assets
  • Non-destructive modeling and texturing
  • Real-life observation
  • SFX
  • Lighting (Cryengine & Unreal)

Agile methodology

Virtuos’ teams include many members who are Scrum-certified and/or  Scrum-Masters. Our Management team is a proponent of Agile Methodologies, including Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum, after having successfully used them across numerous projects. Some of the underlying principles apply not only to software development but also to content production. We design and produce with changes in mind: when the risk of change is high, we prepare a plan to deliver speed while meeting evolving client requirements.

Project management and communication tools

Our online project management tool serves 4 goals:

  • Manage tasks and support our agile methodology
  • Provide visibility and transparency to our clients on project organization and progress
  • Keep track of communications on every task, deliverable, request for change
  • Securely store assets and related documents


It is complemented by solutions for:

  • QA, in-house tool fully integrated into Max and Maya 
  • asset management, Virtuos has implemented Hansoft project management to all of our production staff
  • online collaboration, like Shotgun for example

We can easily adapt to and in some cases integrate to our clients’ set of tools.



Check out our videos to understand how Virtuos use the power of technology to bring our clients’ vision for their project into reality.

Video 1: The Houdini plugin for Maya

Allows our artists to quickly make adjustments to  the assets based on our client feedback

Video 2: Allegorithmic Substance designer

Allows our artists to quickly create any type of texture in a non-destructive and non-linear manner.

Video 3: Marvelous designer

Allows our artists to generate very realistic clothing and make quick adjustments

Video 4: Shotgun

Shotgun has been configured and integrated with Virtuos pipeline.

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