Our name, Virtuos, evokes virtuosity, excellence in art, virtuality, imaginary worlds and plurality. To be true to our name and true to ourselves, we stick to 3 core values: excellence, trust and positivity.


Every Virtuos team member has been co-opted for his or her desire to make a difference.

We ensure that every project, every training phase, every team creates opportunities for each individual to improve his skills and to show them off.

Quality is not a vague concept for us: we define it, we learn how to produce it, we measure it in all possible forms, because it is essential to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


Working in a long distance multicultural environment, trust is a must, in order to break communication barriers.

No effort is spared to ensure that our clients obtain the reliability that they need in quality, time and budgets.

Best of breed tools, processes and legal means are in place to ensure that the IP which is entrusted to us is perfectly protected.

We provide an equal opportunity work environment where Chinese and foreign team members collaborate openly.

We want to create explicit conditions where our clients have no hesitation treating our team as part of their own.


Being in the business of fun, we always remember that our work contributes to positive emotions. 

We maintain that positive attitude, which keeps us focused on delivering excellent work that we look forward to playing in-game or watching on the big screen.

Production experience has taught us that the most challenging problems can be the most rewarding to solve.

Positivity also gives us the incentive to accept our clients’ feedback and to go the extra mile to meet their demands.


Being in the business of fun, we always remember that our work contributes to positive emotions.

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