Concept Artist

About the position: 

If you are ready to join an elite digital art team, we want to see what you’ve got. At Virtuos, you will learn from AAA console game projects, or see your work explode in Hollywood movies, or create Flash art seen by millions in the most popular Facebook games. Expect to add several projects to your portfolio each year, and to be constantly challenged with the highest quality expectations.

  • Supporting the concept part to character / environment design
  • Solid drawing skills and good sense of color Creativity and sense of color is superb, a good sense of innovation design
  • Be familiar with realistic and cartoon style.
  • Master of Photoshop, Painter and other related software.
  • Proficiency of using graphics tablet to painting.
  • Good communication skills and interpretation abilities
  • Have certain knowledge of 3D production process, game production experience is preferred.


Please apply via [email protected](Chengdu)


Virtuos is the number one choice for talent in the digital entertainment industry in China, provinding our employees an opportunity to work on the biggest games and movies in the world.