Japanese Game Producer

Shanghai | Chengdu

–       Supervise and coordinate production of games on a number of platforms;
–       Take responsibility for final quality, planning,timing and budget of production to ensure that such objectives are met.
–       Ensure that Game production methods are known and used by all team members.
–       Manage communication and coordinate game production team with other teams in and out of China.
–       Ability to use scrum software development to guarantee the pipeline of the project.


–       Bachelor degree or above for leading University, with at least 2 Years of work in a leading position, 4 years in game industry experience, familiar with Scurm;
–       Good working knowledge of Video Games and also, understanding of how game software is made.
–       Strong Knowledge of game production tools and game production pipelines.
–       Self-motivated and responsible with a proven track record of completing tasks on time and with the desired level of quality.
–       Ability to make presentations for Japanese clients.
–       Excellent English and Japanese communication skills.


Virtuos is the number one choice for talent in the digital entertainment industry in China, provinding our employees an opportunity to work on the biggest games and movies in the world.