Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD release on PS4 with remastering by Virtuos with an 87% Metacritic score.
Shanghai, China – 18th May 2015 – Virtuos is proud to announce the release of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD for PS4. Created and published by Square Enix, the HD versions of the titles were remastered by Virtuos. Final Fantasy X /X-2 HD has been adapted from PS3 to PS4 by Virtuos team. This is the first PS4 title for Virtuos co-development team track record and another important milestone for the team who previously successfully adapted the AAA title from PS2 to Vita and PS3. The key features of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD for PS4 are as follow: ‘’Brand New to PS4 - Take advantage of the PS4’s native features to share your journey across Spira like never before. Transfer your save and continue your progress across your PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, and PlayStation® VITA systems. FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster is available wherever you play. (PS3 and VITA versions sold separately.) New 30 Minute Audio Drama – Intact from the PS3 version, players can listen to the events that occur after FINAL FANTASY X-2, narrated by their favorite characters and accessible from the title screen at any time. Gorgeous High-Definition Graphics – In addition to the visual upgrades that the main character models, textures, and backgrounds received for the PS3 version, more NPCs and monsters join their carefully reworked counterparts. High-Definition Audio - Play FINAL FANTASY X with the beautifully remastered soundtrack or, new to the PS4 version, switch back to the original classic tracks.’’* About Virtuos Virtuos is one of the largest game developers specializing in 3D art and game software development for consoles and mobile devices. The company has locations in Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Saigon, Vancouver, San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo, and employees representing 15 nationalities. Virtuos’ clients include 15 of the top 20 digital entertainment companies worldwide as well as renowned independent studios. For more information, please refer to: www.virtuosgames.com; Twitter @virtuosgames *Source: Square Enix Online store. https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/282151/final-fantasy-xx-2-hd-remaster-limited-edition-ps4
2K releases XCOM: Enemy Within on iOS, Android, and Fire OS Thanks to Support from Virtuos
Shanghai, China – December 1st 2014 – Virtuos is proud to have had the opportunity to port XCOM: Enemy Within to iOS, Android, and Fire OS for Firaxis with support from 2K China. The port of XCOM: Enemy Within from console/PC to iOS, Android, and Fire OS signifies another notable milestone in Virtuos’ Co-development track record. The mobile adaptation has achieved a Metacritic score of 93, ranking it among the most well received ports to mobile platforms to date. Enemy Within features the core gameplay of the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown, plus more exciting content such as: • New Soldier Abilities • New Weapons and Equipment • New Enemy Threats • New Strategic Resources • New Story Elements • New Multiplayer maps, units, and abilities Last year Virtuos successfully provided porting support for XCOM: Enemy Unknown from console/PC to iOS, which went on to post a 91 point cumulative score on Metacritic (including 100% “Positive” marks), win the 2013 Golden Joystick Award for “Best Mobile/Tablet Game of the Year”, and was runner up for Apple’s “Best Game of 2013” on iTunes. “Providing consumers with a true triple-A game experience via a mobile or portable device is not an easy feat, but the launch of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Mobile has shown it is possible,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “Now, with the launch of XCOM: Enemy Within, 2K is able to showcase our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality, core gaming experiences for our fans on whatever platform they play on.”