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Why did you join Virtuos?

What attracted me was the excellent portfolio of clients – we work with a lot of big companies on a huge variety of games. It was clear that this fact would give me a chance to gain a lot of interesting experience. Apart from a long list of clients, an excellent international team who bring a variety of experience along that can be shared and gained.

What is your favorite Virtuos project? 

There are actually two favorite projects that I would like to mention. One of my favorite projects at Virtuos is Generator Rex: Agent of Providence.  We had a huge team at Virtuos working on a this game, to produce it for all major consoles. I got to work with a team that had people from different corners of the world. I was assigned to help programmer and artist to achieve realistic lighting bridging Maya and Our in-house game engine. At a later stage in the project, I was also responsible for creating some cool combat VFX.

And the other is QA Tool for Quality Control. This is an in-house tool developed to check and control the quality of work that goes out of the company. This tool can be used by the artist in the software they use and check the quality of the work. This is also used by the producers to keep a check on what should be sent to the client and needs more work.

Do you need to know Chinese to work here? 

No. Our artists can understand English and Producers are always available to help out if needed.  But Chinese does help when outside the office, when shopping, eating at restaurants, taking taxis, etc.

How many projects do you work on in a year? 

As a Technical Artist, I get to work on more than 10 big games a year. I get to work on lot of projects at the same time. In the morning I might be helping Team A understand a new editor tool, and in the evening I could be supporting Team B by explaining the pipeline for the project.

Whats it like living in Shanghai? 

Living in Shanghai is like an adventure. Shanghai is a great city, good people, delicious food and lots of fun. There are a lot of interesting places to explore and enjoy. This is becoming my favorite place to live.

What is your favorite game? 

I play a lot of games especially FPS and I have many favorites like, Prince of Persia series (all the way back to the DOS game), Call of Duty (2, 4, MW2, MW3), Anno, Max Payne, Darksiders, and Gears of War.

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