Virtuos partner :Allegorithmic Releases Substance Designer Texturing Tools


Virtuos partner: Allegorithmic Releases Substance Designer Texturing Tools

Shanghai – June 23, 2010 – Virtuos technology partner Allegorithmic announced today the release of their new set of cutting-edge Substance Designer texturing tools. Substance Designer is part of the larger texturing-oriented Substance product line designed to help artists efficiently create and collaborate on dynamic textures iteratively. Substance Designer is the first professional texture sequencer allowing to mix and manipulate bitmaps, vector graphics, and procedural elements in order to produce complex maps.

The textures created with Substance Designer offer many advantages and possibilities over traditional bitmaps. While the latter are static and built in a linear way, the textures made with Substance Designer are dynamic and remain highly customizable at every stage of the creation process.

Virtuos has already integrated the Substance tools in its own pipeline, and has a large team of artists trained on the Substance software. As such Virtuos is in a unique position to provide training and support to Substance Clients.

About Virtuos
With offices in Shanghai, Chengdu, Vancouver, Paris and Japan, Virtuos is one of the largest and most international providers of digital entertainment offshore production services, specializing in 3D Art and Co-development. Virtuos’ international management team includes experts from more than 10 nationalities. Virtuos clients include 15 of the top 20 games publishers worldwide as well as renowned developers.

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