Quality Focus

Delivering AAA quality is our number one commitment - we define it, produce it, we measure it in all possible forms.

Quality focus: defined and measured

Quality is Virtuos’ number one commitment. And in some cases, this may mean not accepting an assignment because we have not acquired the required skills. Ensuring that our clients and each of our team members share the same understanding of all the appropriate quality criteria is a key step of our project engagement methodology. We measure and report on these mutually agreed criteria constantly.

Our QA process

Our Production Director supervises quality and delegates to ensure that our client’s high standards are met and exceeded. QA tests are conducted at every milestone of a project, in order to identify potential issues before we reach the deliverable stage. Our project management tool incorporates this QA reporting.

Client feedback

We have a higher ambition than obtaining approval and payment of milestones from our clients. We learn how to refine our services after every project, in order to become or remain our clients’ partner of choice. Client feedback is sought informally throughout the project and formally at the end of each project through a comprehensive debrief. This debrief forms the centerpiece of our internal project postmortem.

A talented, quality-focused team

Virtuos invests in its talent to attract and develop excellent teams. Our management team’s unique track record and our contacts with top level Universities in all major Chinese cities allow us to attract artists, engineers and managers who are the most engaged about gaming as a profession.  Virtuos runs the Virtuos Academy to help train the gold standard in China’s digital production talent.

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