Game Design


Bengbu, Anhui

Why did you join Virtuos?

I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Game Design in the UK, and I wanted to find an advanced game development company to match my passion in the subject.

Virtuos was perfect – we have many types of projects that allow me to use different engines, learn and use various design techniques, and gain a lot of experience from working in the team. Virtuos has a game design team from all over the world.  I work with people from France, the US, Denmark and Taiwan – and everybody brings interesting experience and a unique perspective.

What is your favorite Virtuos project?

When I’m trying to answer this question and looking back all the projects I have worked on, I have to say that my favorite project is always the ones I’m currently working on. Maybe because everything is always very new and exciting – a AAA game or a brand new IPs. Every project provides new challenges and fun.  One project that does stick out in my memory was a big project for a client in the Netherlands, our team was able to visit their studio in Amsterdam. It was a great trip!


How many projects do you work on in a year?

Right now as a leader in the game design department, I supervise several projects at the same time – about 5 to 8 games per year. Even junior game designers can expect to contribute to up to three games each year.

What is your favorite game?

As a game designer, I have appreciation for a lot of different games. The Hitman series, Shadow of the Colossus, the Baldur’s Gate Trilogy, Bayonetta, World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons are my favorite games among numerous games I have played.

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