Singapore – January 2019 – The D.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit in Las Vegas is now just two weeks away. Virtuos, as hosts of the Round Table sessions will be on the stage at D.I.C.E. 2019, with other experts to share their insights into the hot topics in game development, with a focus on what might be ‘Next’ or even ‘Now’, such as AI, Cloud gaming, VR and AR.

The summit aims to bringing together the top video game designers and developers from around the world and business leaders from all major publishers to discuss the state of the industry, its trends and the future. The event backed by The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences® (AIAS), takes place from February 11 to 13.


Virtuos round table, hosted by Gilles Langourieux will focus on the topic of ‘How emerging technologies such as Cloud and AI influence the way we design and play games’. The Cloud and AI Advancement are two areas that are rapidly beginning to influence the way we think, design, and develop games. Those technologies allow for worlds of infinite size/scope as well as the means to populate them with compelling features, details, and characters. Yet, does this reveal the real appeal? Is the game world really meeting the needs of players today compared to what it was one decade ago? And more importantly, to explore whether we have the ability to create a gaming world that truly engages global players.


The summit will take place at Las Vegas’ Aria Resort and Casino. In addition to three days of lively presentations of all kinds, parties and curated roundtable discussions with industry experts, there will also be a variety of workshops, extensive networking opportunities and gaming activities.


About Virtuos

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