Above: The streets of Dublin

Games today are a varied bunch. While they come in a wide variety of genres and art styles, all of them share similar qualities, such as amazing art direction, or engaging and responsive gameplay.

But it’s not enough to look good and be fun; to make a good game great, you’ll need top-tier engineering to ensure steady framerates and enough quality-of-life features to provide a seamless experience for every gamer.

Virtuos wholly believes in the importance of game engineering. With a crack team of more than 40 engineers sited in our Dublin and Paris offices, we assist European studios in overcoming an array of technical hurdles from creating tools and APIs and integrating cloud gaming services, to engine version upgrades and optimization projects.

This list might look daunting for the average person, but to Adalberto Bruno, it’s just another day at work. As Senior Technical Director at Virtuos Dublin, Adalberto has years of experience under his belt, stemming from his prior stints at Marmalade Technologies and Electronic Arts, among many others. This week, we spend a few minutes together for a quick chat about his life and experience at Virtuos.