Virtuos provides the highest quality game development and art production services to publishers and developers worldwide. We have two main divisions to better serve our clients: Games and Art, with over 2,500 staff across 3 continents.


Virtuos’ headquarters is based in Singapore, and its largest studio is located in Chengdu, China. Virtuos also has studios in Shanghai and Xi’an (China), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Paris (France) and Dublin (Ireland), as well as offices in North America (Vancouver, Montreal and San Francisco), South Korea (Seoul) and Japan (Tokyo) to facilitate communication with clients and to maintain our position on the edge of game development.


Virtuos established its headquarters in Singapore in 2018 in order to accelerate its international expansion. The relocation has allowed us to secure over US$30 million in funding, as well as to set up a global R&D center in partnership with Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB). Here in Singapore, we will explore the latest computer graphics, rendering and production techniques, with plans to create up to 100 highly qualified jobs by 2023. Furthermore, the location of the Singapore office has enabled us to further globalize our business and cater more closely to growth opportunities in Asia.

When was Virtuos created?

Virtuos was founded in December 2004, and its first studio officially opened in Shanghai in March 2005.

Who founded Virtuos?

Virtuos was founded by individuals who had previously played a key role in taking the Chinese gaming industry into a new era: Gilles Langourieux (CEO) and Pan Feng (Production Director, now CEO of Lusion) had worked together since 1997 to establish the Ubisoft studios in Shanghai and Beijing, which subsequently became the largest game studios in China while under Gilles’ leadership.

In which fields of digital production does Virtuos operate?

Virtuos provides production services for the video game and movie industries. Our main areas of expertise are art production and full stack game development

Which games has Virtuos contributed to?

Virtuos has helped to develop more than 1200 games and are currently in production on a number of unannounced titles. Learn more about our game development services.

Which game companies has Virtuos worked for?

We have worked or are working for 18 of the top 20 game publishers, as well as many leading independent developers, and the world’s leading movie VFX studio. Our clients are located in all major markets including China, Japan, Korea, North America and Europe.

What is your approach to IP ownership?

Virtuos is a service provider and adheres to international standards regarding IP ownership and transfer. Every piece of material that is provided to us is the client’s property. Our legal setup ensures that we have a continuous and traceable IP flow from individuals working on a project to clients. Virtuos employees are regularly trained on IP ownership, confidentiality and security issues.

What are the values of Virtuos?

Our name Virtuos evokes virtuosity, excellence in art, virtual worlds and plurality. To be true to our name and true to ourselves, we adhere to three core values: Excellence, Trust and Positivity.

In which language do you communicate with clients?

We strive to work in our clients’ language, and have Producers and Managers who currently work in English, Chinese, French, Korean and Japanese.

Do you have another question for us?

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