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Do you want to expand your video game universes and audiences, provide the most captivating experiences for your players, and maximize your revenue while at the same time decreasing your risks and costs? We’ve got your back.

As projects grow larger and increasingly complex, a simple staffing solution simply won’t be enough. Instead, you’ll need a passionate, diversely talented team that can drive a project as hard as any internal development team can, and to become an integral part of your organization. Whether it be AAA game franchises or Hollywood blockbusters, our track record demonstrates our ability to work alongside you from the start.

To find out more about our services, visit our Game Development page for a brief rundown about our game engineering and design capabilities, or our Art Production page to get a preview of our impressive art portfolio.

We Make Games Better, Together.

Game Development


Increase your revenue and grant your game titles a second life across multiple SKUS and platforms. We are one of the most prolific AAA adaptation creators for console, PC and mobile platforms.


Make your world bigger! Utilize our extensive track record in developing AAA video games. We can support you to simship on more platforms with full parallel development on one or more SKUs.


Enhance the in-game experience of your titles, prolong product life cycles, boost player retention and aim for higher Metacritic scores by adding exotic gameplay to your projects.


Reduce technical risk and optimize your games to the fullest extent, allowing them to run seamlessly on any given platform with the latest engine versions.
Art Production


Our trained international artists possess the right tools to work with you in a truly integrated way, delivering into engine high-quality 3D art assets that adhere to your strictest technical requirements.


Whether you need environment art or character, creature and object designs ranging from whimsical themes to ultra-realistic visuals, our world-class artists are always ready to tackle your projects.


For the past 25 years, we have been providing in-game animation, cinematics, pre-rendered animation for the world’s top games, TV series and movies. Utilize our experience; elevate your animation projects to the next level.


No scene in a game is complete without proper lighting and VFX. Our team of experts possess both the artistic sense and technical abilities to implement them perfectly, bringing an otherwise standard visual to life.

Our Technical Expertise


Over the years, Virtuos has developed a deep expertise in several commercial leading engines and proprietary engines, cultivating an intimate understanding of their characteristics and corresponding solutions.

Case Studies

Learn more about how we implement our solutions to overcome challenges in development.


Crafting innovative and memorable experience for gamers was at the heart of Eidos Montreal’s mission. Discover how Virtuos became an integral part of the development process, with support across multiple areas including Art, Level Design and Gameplay, bringing Shadow of the Tomb Raider to life.

Look at our case studies


Discover how Virtuos recreated the cinematic introduction of the iconic AAA title for its remake, taking charge of the full production pipeline from conceptualization to compositing and rendering.

Look at our case studies

Success Stories

Anton TurrellGlobal Head of Digital

We hope that we can have again high quality and capacity with a right estimate

Yayoi MarunoDevelopment Director

Virtuos has been solid in delivery of high quality assets in a timely manner as well as a great working relationship for several years. I hope to continue our working relationship on future project.

Tuukka TaipalvesiExecutive Producer

It has been a smooth production with Virtuos and we will be glad to engage again for our next production

Julia SchneiderHead of Art

It has been proven more than once, that Virtuos is able to react quick, flexible and innovative on all our requests. Thanks for providing high quality on all levels

Crysdale MatthewArt Director

Virtuos delivered excellent quality on time and a competitive rate. They are a pleasure to work with.

Jean-Marc PEREIRAOutsourcing Manager

As our preferred vendor, Virtuos is a strong partner on which we can rely to help us in our game development

Stephen RoyerArt Director

Virtuos quickly ramped up to our schedule and artistic visual style which resulted in a highly successful collaboration for our studio

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