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The Golden Age of Video Game Remakes and Remasters | Virtuos White Paper 2024

4 March 2024
Virtuos' inaugural report presents the key factors in creating successful remakes and remasters. The dataset, collated in partnership with IDG Consulting and Strategic Game Consulting, features over 200 remakes and remasters alongside their sales figures since 2012.
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Expert Talks: Revolutionizing the pre-production of games with 3D concept art

18 May 2023
Here's how immersive 3D concept art serves as a blueprint for solid and cost-effective game production pipelines.
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Virtuos Expert Talks Webinar Highlights: The Evolution of Facial Animation and Facial Motion Capture

26 October 2022
Experts from CounterPunch - a Virtuos Studio and NetherRealm Studios discussed the technological advancements in facial animation and motion capture, and shared their best practices for motion capture acting.
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Expert Talks: Using Unreal Engine to Create a Surreal Simulation of Trang An, Vietnam

29 July 2022
We interviewed Nhat and Anrich from the VFX Team in Sparx* to learn more about the world-building process in Unreal Engine 4.
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Virtuos Expert Talks Webinar: How to Tell a Story Through Concept Art

27 May 2022
Experts from Virtuos, Ubisoft Montreal, and NetEase Games shared their experience in storytelling through concept art in their past game projects.
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Expert Talks: How Forward Planning Enabled Virtuos Xi’an to Retain Production Efficiency Amid COVID-19 Uncertainties

17 May 2022
Here’s how Virtuos Xi’an successfully shifted its team to remote working conditions within 12 hours’ notice while maintaining production efficiency levels throughout a one-month COVID-19 city lockdown.
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How Original Anime-style Characters Are Created, As Explained by Virtuos Artists

29 March 2022
We interviewed Chen and Jing, two of our winners of Virtuos Chengdu's ACG Jam about how they created their anime-inspired character designs from scratch.
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Expert Talks: How to Create and Develop a Concept Art Piece From Scratch

15 February 2022
Learn the fundamentals of concept art and ways to find inspiration and ideas from Jessica Taylor, our concept artist in Virtuos Montreal.
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Expert Talks: How CounterPunch – a Virtuos Studio Created an Immersive User Experience With Real-Time Animation in Enchant Santa Calls

22 December 2021
Learn how CounterPunch leverages its deep expertise in 3D animation as Jay Aschenbrenner and Mike Montague take us through some of the projects they’ve worked on.
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Creating Adaptations for AAA Games in Dublin, The Rising Game Development Hub

15 November 2021
Our software engineer, Karle Sleith, takes us through the process of working on some of Black Shamrock Studio's AAA projects.
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Virtuos Expert Talks Webinar: Insights Into Applications of Photogrammetry in Video Games and the Future of Game Development

28 October 2021
Experts from Virtuos, Sparx*, Epic Games, and Skydance New Media shared their experience in applying photogrammetry in their past projects, the do’s and don’ts, and some exciting developments they’re looking forward to in the foreseeable future.
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Expert Talks: Creating Original Characters in Virtuos’ Monster Jam

4 August 2021
Chen and Jin reveal how they created ‘Reimagined Kraken’, the winning entry in Virtuos Chengdu’s original character design contest.
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Expert Talks: Harnessing Photogrammetry and Creating Virtual Worlds at Sparx*

2 June 2021
Learn how Sparx* - A Virtuos Studio harnesses photogrammetry to produce ultra-realistic assets for AAA games in this Expert Talks article.
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Expert Talks: Treading New Battlegrounds – What Virtuos Learned About Developing for Stadia With PUBG

15 September 2020
Read more about how Virtuos managed to bring this popular battle royale shooter to Google's first cloud gaming platform intact.
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Expert Talks: How Sparx* – A Virtuos Studio Successfully Implemented a Crash Course on Remote Working

30 June 2020
Read about how Sparx* successfully achieved full remote working capability within short notice during the initial Covid-19 outbreak.
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Expert Talks: Building a High Quality Procedural Effects Pipeline

26 March 2020
Ever since its humble beginnings, Virtuos has relied on a comprehensive set of tools to provide art, animation and game development services to clients worldwide. Houdini is one such tool that has seen extensive use in the making of both games and film.
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Expert Talks: Xavier Rozé and Paul Loumouamou on Co-Engineering Assassin’s Creed® Liberation Remastered

12 December 2019
Technical director Xavier Rozé and Game Producer Paul Loumouamou from Virtuos Paris share what it's like working on the remastering of the legendary series.
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Expert Talks: Training Is at the Heart of Every Successful Operation

17 January 2019
Our Learning and Development Director at Sparx* talks about the importance of employees' personal development, and shares how Virtuos' training system was developed.
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Expert Talks: Making Games is Fun, But Most Projects Have Their Fair Share of Ups and Downs!

1 November 2018
Our Executive Producer at Virtuos Chengdu shares tips on how he handles emergencies while working on a project.
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Expert Talks: Excelling at 2D and 3D Animation for Games, TV and Movies Takes Natural Talent, a Myriad of Skills and Superb Training

11 September 2018
Sparx*'s Head of Animation talks about the need for animators to constantly evolve, yet remain true to their roots.
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Expert Talks: Nintendo’s Successful Switch Platform Provides Opportunity for Developers, and Offers an Install Base of Close to 20 Million

22 August 2018
The team at Virtuos has been making a name for itself over the past few years by both developing original content and remastering existing content for the Nintendo Switch platform.
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Expert Talks: A Producer’s View on How Effective Co-Development Makes for Better Games

6 August 2018
Richard Turek, Senior Producer, talks about how collaboration, teamwork, and excellent communication lead to successful co-development projects between Virtuos and its partners.
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Expert Talks: The Balance Between Artistic Expression and Project Efficiency Needs Careful Management To Drive Success in AAA Games and Movies

11 July 2018
Nicodemus Mattisson, Director of Virtuos' Concept Art Team, talks in-depth about how to balance the common conundrum between artistic expression and project efficiency.