Shaping Game Development in Singapore, Southeast Asia’s Tech Hub


As far as cities go, Singapore is the typical 21st century metropolis; modern, accessible, and bristling with infrastructure. Singapore has a great support system for any talent, with excellent healthcare, stringent education standards, and comparatively low crime rates in the country.


About Virtuos Singapore

Virtuos first set foot in Singapore in 2018, establishing our new head office at the One-North technology park located just a few minutes away from the city center.

Virtuos Singapore is home to several skilled executives and engineers who support our studios globally. Many of our corporate departments are located here, as well as our new R&D center, dedicated to developing new tools and techniques that allow our global studios to remain at the cutting edge of technology.


Our Office Highlights

Virtuos Singapore is located in the heart of Singapore’s tech hub in one-north. In our office, every staff member is provided with height-adjustable desks, premium office chairs and up-to-date equipment. Our main recreation area is equipped with a pantry and a gaming corner, and an outdoor sky garden where anyone can relax.

The building itself sits directly above the area’s MRT station, anchoring the office to a transport network that allows anyone to reach every major corner of the city-state within the hour.

As Virtuos continues to grow globally, our headquarters is constantly looking out for new and experienced talent to support our studios as they work on upcoming blockbuster titles.

What We Offer

  • The headquarters of Virtuos: play an active role in the future of the company
  • Be a part of the R&D center and work with cutting edge technology for gaming
  • Group outings and activities
  • A generous recreation space with gaming corner and pantry
  • Comprehensive medical healthcare provided for all staff
  • Relocation support provided
  • International mobility
  • Access to various in-house and external learning opportunities

Take a tour of the office

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Singapore HQ

1 Fusionopolis Way,
Connexis, #06-10,
138632 Singapore

Tel : +65 68014516