Building on Virtuos Singapore and Virtuos Kuala Lumpur’s successful Walk/Bike/Run challenge, Virtuos Shanghai led the way this year in promoting the benefits of exercising while raising funds for charity via a friendly competition. Despite stricter guidelines, including a minimum starting distance before participants can start accumulating points and a choice of only one exercise type, many still rose up to the challenge! 

Spirits were high in May as everyone laced up their sneakers and grabbed their bikes for the challenge. Some participants also organized group bike rides to cheer each other on. And of course, adorable pets of our Virtuosi were as excited about the challenge as all of us. 

Our Virtuosi in action

We managed to clock 1475.46km at the end of the challenge, which accumulates to a total of RMB13904.6 (USD1940.47). The funds will be donated together with those raised from an upcoming charity bazaar held later this year.  

A huge thank you to every participant – your efforts and contribution has helped make this challenge a success. Stay tuned to find out the next studio to take on this challenge!