Virtuos is excited to announce our participation in the Quality of Life at Work Week (SQVT) 2021 Challenge from 14-20 June. The SQVT Challenge is an inter-business challenge organized by OuiLive and TrainMe Corporate as part of the national Quality of Life at Work Week in France.

Compete for the Reforestation Cause

By registering as participant for the challenge, Virtuos has contributed to the planting of 100 trees in support of the Piura reforestation project in Northern Peru. We have our eyes on making it to the top 3 company ranks, which will enable us to make an even bigger impact with either 500 (rank 3), 1,000 (rank 2), or 2,000 (rank 1) additional trees planted!

Given these unprecedented times, the challenge is run in a fully digital manner via the OuiLive application – allowing all participants to take part and have fun in activities together, and in real time.

Virtuosi in our Paris studio are encouraged to exercise both physically and creatively with programs in place like boxing, creative challenges, and quizzes on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and QVT. Additionally, there will be a wellness workshops based on sophrology and meditation, as well as sports classes with qualified coaches on muscle strengthening.

Following their personal rankings in real time on the OuiLive application, Virtuosi will be able to evaluate their impact on getting the larger Virtuos team towards our common goal of top 3.

Most importantly – we look forward to renewing our commitment to both the well-being of our Virtuosi and the planet in four key areas: wellness, nutrition, physical health, and eco-friendly actions, through the one-week challenge.

Game on, Virtuos Paris!