Our headquarters in Singapore is Eco-Office certified at the Elite level as of March 2023! The Eco-Office Certification by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) recognizes environmentally committed offices in Singapore, with the top Elite level awarded to companies that have achieved excellent environmental performance. 

Virtuos Singapore’s Eco-Office Certification

“This certification not only recognizes our commitment to environmental sustainability; it also reaffirms our dedication to creating a green workspace for our employees. We will continue to adopt sustainable practices in our daily operations, such as conserving energy and reducing usage of disposables. These small steps add up and contribute to our global target of achieving carbon neutrality annually by 2025,” said Jasmine Cheong, Chief Financial Officer of Virtuos.

Our Singapore headquarters with the newly added “Eco-Office” badge

Through various initiatives put in place by our studios worldwide to measure environmental impact and promote sustainable workplace practices, we look forward in taking collective action to contribute towards a greener future.