Embracing the core values of Education, Environment, and Diversity from Virtuos’ CSR agenda, our member studio Sparx* has always put learning opportunities for everyone as a priority.

On 7 April, Sparx* donated 10 sets of refurbished computers to help John Bosco Can Gio Shelter House – a facility in Ho Chi Minh City that is currently taking care of over 60 underprivileged local children – as part of the ‘Green IT Classroom’. This is an initiative started by Virtuos since 2019 to create long-term impact in local communities by fostering digital inclusion for local students and maintain sustainability by donating old usable devices.

On this day, Sparx* volunteers attended the ceremony to give the computers to the children, then gave them an IT training class and had a great time bonding with the children through a series of fun outdoor activities. The heads of the shelter and the kids were thrilled to meet our volunteers from Sparx* and enjoyed exploring their new computers, as the previous ones used in their IT classes were outdated.

The studio is planning to keep up the momentum by donating the next batch of computers to another local shelter house by June. We hope that this little gesture of support will provide the students here better access to computer resources and grant even more educational opportunities for them in future.