Singapore — March 8, 2021 — Gaming has made strides in the pursuit of gender equality and representation; from the games we play to the people that create and advocate for them. Still, only roughly 20% of game developers worldwide in 2019 were female, according to the International Game Developers Association.

Just like the games industry in general, equality at Virtuos isn’t just about fulfilling a predetermined quota of female talent – it’s about giving our brightest talents the chance to challenge societal norms and grow into their fullest potential. Because of their skills and expertise, we are empowered to make games better, together while breaking through any preexisting glass ceiling.

For International Women’s Day 2021, we’re embracing this year’s theme, ‘Choose to Challenge’, by featuring some of our capable women Virtuosi in a series of interviews, documenting their perspectives and the efforts they have made to dispel gender stereotypes.

Minny Abels – Group HR Director, Virtuos

I first entered the world of gaming with little experience and understanding, but with even less fear. Since then, I have accomplished some great things, such as founding the Virtuos Chengdu studio and leading it for its first five years of operations.

By staying positive and embracing every learning opportunity throughout my journey, I was proud to be able to help not only myself, but also other fellow female colleagues in the games industry to overcome any challenges we faced.

Today, I am working hard with our Senior Management team – a quarter of which are female – to achieve the goal of attracting 10% more female talent every year in a traditionally male-dominant industry like ours. That goal, however, can only be achieved if us female talents truly believe in ourselves and #ChooseToChallenge.

On this year’s International Women’s Day, I challenge you all to join us in this collective effort to build a proud and highly-achieving community of #WomenInGames. We truly can make games better together.

Stay positive, embrace every learning opportunity, and be courageous in any challenge.

Minny Abels International Women's Day

Jasmine Cheong – Chief Financial Officer, Virtuos

When I first joined Virtuos, there were many who did not believe I had the knowledge and willpower to become a part of the games industry. Three years have passed since, and now I can say with confidence that I still do.

Women are born to relish and adapt to changes. We are indeed the catalyst of new beginnings, and an inclusive world can’t be created without women in leadership roles.

It is known that change is a result of challenges overcome. With this year’s International Women’s Day theme of #ChooseToChallenge, I challenge every female talent out there to make a difference – not only for yourself, but for all the women around you. Above all, dare to dream, as confidence is what brings us far.

Make a difference not only for yourself, but for all the women around you.

Jasmine Cheong International Women's Day

Kay Arutyunyan – General Manager, CounterPunch – A Virtuos Studio

As a woman and a new mom, I #ChooseToChallenge the video game industry to start featuring stronger female protagonist characters with a more positive body image. I believe that to be able to relate to the characters and to be represented on screen is extremely important for women. My daughter is currently 3-months-old, and when she grows up I want her to be empowered by the contents that are out there.

Appropriate representation and the ability to relate more to the video game content being produced, will attract more capable female talent to our industry. As we continue to push for stronger female character role models, my advice for #WomenInGames is to walk into each day with confidence. You belong here, and your voice matters!

Walk into each day with confidence. You belong here and your voice matters.

Challenging Perceptions: Interviews with the Women of Virtuos

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, we reached out to our female talents all around the world and seated them in front of our cameras to ask them what changes they would like to see in our game industry.

Watch the video and listen as they speak up about the challenges they have had to face, and what it took for them to secure their place as specialists in their field.