Singapore — February 2021 — The official release of PlayStation 5 from Sony has also welcomed the return of the classic Demon’s Souls, the beginning of the renowned Souls series.
Entirely rebuilt and masterfully enhanced to breathe new life into a decade-old title through an astonishing 4K cinematic, the remake of an all-time classic –Demon’s Souls awaits its chosen warrior.
Having tackled a couple of remasters before, with this title our member studio Sparx* in Vietnam was indeed taking on a real challenge to combine our end-to-end expertise in both art and technical abilities and go out in their cinematics production pipeline. That includes crafty works in plenty of heavy up-res assets and realistic animations, alongside dressing vast, sweeping landscapes by multilayered atmospheric effects and large-scale destructions.
By finding the right mix of procedural tools to achieve top-notch simulations and effects, together with previous experiences from other high-end remasters, our artists and animators at Sparx*, together with the team at Sony, have successfully choreographed epic combats and orchestrated titanic battles to satisfy the decade-long wait.
Many thanks to Sony Interactive Entertainment for featuring us in such a multi-disciplines production process for the rebirth of this cult classic. Demon’s Souls is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Venture into the depth of a dark fantasy world and follow us to keep up with future announcements!
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