Virtuos has always been an advocate for education and the environment, having participated in numerous CSR activities in previous years.

Last month, Virtuos Chengdu collaborated with Netspring, a social enterprise in China focused on environmental and social aid, to gift over 1,000 books to Donghua Yucai School, establishing a cozy book corner for the schoolchildren. This is our second contribution to the school as part of the Green IT Classroom project, which we first launched back in 2019.

Donghua Yucai School caters mostly to children of migrant workers in Chengdu and the surrounding region. As funding is limited, the school relies on social resources and organizations like Netspring and Virtuos to invest in modern learning facilities and equipment. By helping schools like Donghua Yucai School, we’re doing our part to help foster a better learning environment for our next generation.

The Teacher Representative had this to say about our gifts: “We promise to carry out various reading activities, and to broaden our students’ horizons by encouraging a love for reading. On behalf of the school, I heartily express our gratitude to all volunteers from Virtuos. Thank you for sowing the seeds of love into the hearts of students and assisting in the well-rounded development of our students!”

Encouraged by the positive feedback from the school, we look forward to expanding our efforts and further promoting equal opportunity in education. Virtuos Chengdu is already planning to contribute even more laptops for the school teachers, and other CSR activities are also being organized by our studios and offices across the globe. Stay tuned for more such news soon!