Last month, Virtuos Paris hosted four students from Collège Marcel Pagnol in Cergy, France, for a one-week apprenticeship program. Our apprentices, aged 14, got a taste of life as a game developer, interacting with our studio employees to understand better how their favorite games are made.

During their apprenticeship, the students were attached to our animation and QA teams, where they observed and learned the basics from our animators and engineers.

Our apprentices at Virtuos Paris reviewing their notes
An animator at Virtuos Paris teaching our apprentices

Besides the animation and QA departments, the students also had the opportunity to interact and interview other teams to learn more about their jobs.

“As supervisors, we wanted to give the students as much visibility about the jobs in the video game industry as possible,” shared Cedric Legentil, one of the program’s supervisors and a QA lead at Virtuos Paris.

Here are some of the notes of appreciation shared by the students at the end of their week-long apprenticeship:

Apprentice Wiktor’s thank-you note

“I want to thank everyone for welcoming me into the studio, especially Lélio, Hugo, Cédric Legentil, Théophile, Sara, Léna, Luca, Nils, Léo Marc, and Alexis who explained to me how Virtuos works. I really enjoyed this week! Thank you to Lélio, Théophile, Luca, Nils, Marc and Alexis who motivated me and explained the job of a game designer and developer to me. This program has motivated me to the point where I’ve been studying about development on my own every night after work, and I want to choose this path for my orientation. I really enjoyed being in the environment at Virtuos Paris, it was very different from school. Thanks everyone in the administration for accepting me for this apprenticeship!”

– Wiktor

Apprentice Lesly’s thank-you note

“Thank you for accepting me for this internship program at Virtuos Paris. I would like to thank my tutors Léna and Sara who taught us a lot in animation. Also, thank you to Kévin, Luca, Nils, Pauline, Daphné, Eric, Valeriia, Lélio and Marc for introducing us to this apprenticeship program. I had a great week. ♥”

– Lesly

“We’re glad that they enjoyed the time spent with us, learning about the projects and talking to Virtuos employees,” Cedric added.

“Reaching out to young people and giving them a first impression of a professional environment has been a very fulfilling experience as well as a very important one, since we’re contributing to future vocations and careers!”

With education being one of the pillars of Virtuos’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, we are delighted to contribute to students’ journey in discovering their future paths. We look forward to collaborating with Collège Marcel Pagnol and other schools on more educational programs in future!