Excited chatter and laughter could be heard from afar, as students attended digital art lessons organized by our volunteers from Virtuos Shanghai and Virtuos Xi’an. Encouraged by last year’s success of inspiring students to create eco-friendly artwork with recycled materials, our theme of “Blue Planet” this year continues to focus on environmental awareness and sustainability, while getting the students’ creative juices flowing with artwork creations.

Virtuos Shanghai returns to Tangwan Migrant School to conduct digital art classes

Due to the current pandemic situation in Shanghai, we had to organize two different visits with a smaller number of volunteers to conduct digital art classes.

Students from Tangwan Migrant School actively participated in the class activities
Students unleashed their creativity and showcased what a blue planet is to them

Despite having to scale down, we were heartened by the students’ active participation in class. From drawings of planets to blue whales, they were actively exploring digital tools to create digital paintings they could call their own.

Virtuos Xi’an teaches students at Liquan Little Swan Primary School to create digital art and hand paintings

Since the opening of Liquan Little Swan Primary School’s Green IT Classroom in November 2021, we have donated a total of 45 laptops. This year, we made a return visit to the school to conduct both digital art and hand painting classes.

The students from Liquan Little Swan Primary School gave us a warm welcome
Students showcasing their artwork with the message of “Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.”

Later this year, the students’ art pieces will be submitted to an art competition organized in collaboration with Netspring, our partner for the Green IT Classroom Program. The best art pieces will be awarded prizes at the awards ceremony – we wish the students all the best!

Since its launch in 2019, Virtuos’ Green IT Classroom Program continues to create environmental awareness while bridging the technological divide for underprivileged students. Through our volunteering efforts, we look forward to sustaining this program and empowering students with greater educational opportunities in the future.