Ride mounts, wield a new weapon, and explore transformed lands in New World: Rise of the Angry Earth! Virtuos is delighted to have been part of the development of the long-awaited update on 3 October 2023.  

Our team in Paris provided their expertise in combat design and character art production from concept, 3D Art, paper design, and behaviour scripting to in-engine integration for various creatures, including the ferocious Razor Lotus and Exploding Sprout. We produced the 2D and 3D models, dialogue animations, and the in-engine integration for two main NPC quests featuring the mighty Minotaur in the latest update as well.  

Check out the illustrations produced by our artists: 

Minotaur (Image courtesy of Amazon Games)
Razor Lotus (Image courtesy of Amazon Games)

Big shoutout to the team at Amazon Games for the continued collaboration with us on New World! We’re proud to be part of such an amazing project from the initial release of the game till today. Begin your thrilling adventure in New World today!