Last month, Virtuos Shanghai opened its doors to students from Shanghai Film Art Academy, who visited during our studio’s Open Day. The students, who mainly hailed from Game Design, and Film and Animation faculties were given a studio tour, with various hands-on activities to try out.

Open Day is a program series organized in collaboration with local partner colleges – created with the aim of introducing local talent to the possibilities of working at Virtuos and the games industry at large. Through closer partnerships with educational institutions, we hope to positively impact local communities, make the games industry more accessible and help foster new generations of talent.

Students from Shanghai Film Art Academy visit Virtuos Shanghai

During the visit, the students were introduced to Virtuos’ many projects at our studio in Shanghai. Besides Virtuos Shanghai’s longstanding reputation in end-to-end art production for several AAA projects over the years, the students also learned about our expanding game design and development expertise.

The students try out some of the tools used at Virtuos Shanghai

Of course, the students also had a go at some of the best games worked on by Virtuos, including the recently-released Back 4 Blood and Horizon Zero Dawn. Through an in-house display, they were able to see how the studio made use of photogrammetry using real-world objects as models to create realistic in-game environments.

Students from Shanghai Film Art Academy

“We’d like to thank Virtuos for preparing this Open Day event with great care, it’s been a great experience! We look forward to closer school-enterprise cooperation with Virtuos in the near future,” a representative from Shanghai Film Art Academy shared.

We look forward to collaborating with more schools to engage with local talent and share more about the Virtuos Experience with them at our studios, and welcome them in our journey to make games better, together.