Virtuos is once again proud to contribute to a Call of Duty (CoD) title, with Warzone’s newest map, Caldera, developed by Raven Software. Our studio in Chengdu provided its expertise in concept and level creation, lighting, and performance optimization to create Caldera, a new battle royale Warzone map based on an island in the Pacific.

Call of Duty: Warzone
Image Courtesy of Raven Software

With various elements that require much attention to detail, our environment and concept artists rose to the challenge to help develop a tropical island characterized by dense forests, caves, and large water-based areas.

As players move from the war-torn front of Verdansk to the sunny Pacific island of Caldera, they are immersed in an action-packed experience throughout the new map. With plenty of tropical landscapes to explore, get ready for intense fights against other players in the brand-new battle royale environment.

Big thanks to the team at Raven Software for the opportunity to work on this successful expansion together, and we look forward to many more collaborations in future!